Monday, November 17, 2008

Podcasts: iPod to iCommerce (Blog 8)

Another social media application that is a valuable tool on the PR professional's belt are podcasts. Although traditionally, these were simply audio files that were uploaded and downloaded on ipods they have evolved into much more. Podcasts now are not restricted to just audio, but incorporate numerous video and other media aspects as well. Although their use is not as critical as an online media/press release, they are still regarded as being very useful for organizations to utilize.

Podcasts are like blogs, but instead of text they are an audio and/or video file that are released on the Internet. Often times, you can find podcasts incorporated with other types of social media applications like blogs and they are prevalent on YouTube. Although they require more time and production value than blogs, I believe that they are more effective for a PR professional to use than blogs. It all comes down to image. Podcasts have a more "personal feel". Although blogs are customizable, target public(s) can actually see the PR practitioner talking to them - or at the very least hear their voice. I have heard it said numerous times that it is hard to read emotion over text, and I believe that this is true. Podcasts add a more realistic value that blogs simply can't do. This doesn't mean that blogs don't have a place in social media, rather, that podcasts offer a niche that they simply do not.

I found an excellent explanation as to the uses and application of podcasts for an organization at This is a great source of information provided by Apple. PR professional would do well to understand how podcasts work, their uses, and the benefits that they provide.

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