Thursday, October 2, 2008

From the Depths of Dreams (Blog 1)

At this very moment I feel like a hypocrite. I had told myself for the last three or four years that I would never post a blog. Yes, I may have a Facebook account and a Myspace account but a blog is much more than that. It reaches deeper into your personal privacy, into the very fabric of who you are, much more than saying what your favorite bands, television shows, or movies are. However, in one of my Masters courses (Online Public Relations) we have been assignend to post at least one blog a week. The current trend in PR has evolved and social networking websites have become an effective tool to communicate with the public(s). This assignment is designed to familiarize us with these tools - and it makes perfect sense. So here I am, making my first blog post that I told myself I never would.

My professor has asked that this week we post about our dreams, our goals, and our aspirations over the next five years. Fortunately, for me, this is a easy post.

Last night I was out with my friends enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation. A couple of my buddies, who are a little older than me were discussing how they are facing a "mid-20s crisis". Basically, they didn't know where they were going with their lives and it scared them. I listened quietly (which is surprising if you know me, because usually I'm not quiet) and thought to myself about how lucky I was that I know exactly where I am going and am on the road to achieving it. Hell, I have accomplished part of that goal, and now I'm in the final home stretch. By this time next year, I plan to have completed my Masters in Communication at Missouri State University and have landed a full-time salary position at a "local" college or university. I have come to the conclusion that I rather teach somewhere that focuses on teaching, rather than research. I want to do this for four or five years, and gain some great experience, and make some money so that I can pay off my student loans. After that, I plan on going back to recieve my PhD. Just the thought of being "Dr. James Ackerman" sounds amazing. It is a ton of work, though. Most importantly, however, after four or five years I hope to be married and thinking about (at the very least) having children. I'm not in a rush, per say, but it's the most important dream I have.

On a side note, I also hope to still have a full head of hair, chiseled features, and devilishly handsome good looks.


keshia said...

i love your last you! :)

Margaret Orlando said...

I am sure these aspirations will come true for you. You have a good network here in Springfield to use as a jumping board. Any college would be proud to have you on their faculty.

JRi said...

Alright, here I come back to your blog to drop a serious comment (as opposed to, oh say, “OMG SO AWESOME” =) – and here I find you talking about devilishly good looks – right on / lol. Anyway, the convo you had with your buddies really resonates some of the convos I’ve had lately as well. It seems like people get pretty tweaked when they don’t have every square inch of their lives set out perfectly. However, fortunately for you – sounds like you’ve got a pretty solid plan. Any idea what you’d like to teach specifically? Are you leaning more towards media or communications?